Shimano TEK500LC Tekota Levelwind Trolling Reel

Shimano TEK500LC Tekota Levelwind Trolling Reel

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Diecast aluminum frame. Solid, one;piece construction provides tight tolerances and increases durability. Aluminum right sideplate is extremely durable and keeps gears in precise alignment. Graphite left sideplate with aluminum brace combines the lightweight properties of Graphite with the structural integrity of aluminum. Oversized clicker button for easy to turn on and off. Crossbar forward design allows more access to the spool for better line control, and provides more comfort when palming the reel. Ergonomic septon™ power handle. Provides a non;slip grip even when wet, and allows for three different, comfortable hand positions. Large grip can even be used when wearing gloves.Non-disengaging levelwind system. Reduces drastic line angles for less friction and wear on the line. Counter balanced handle shank. (500 ; 600 size models only) Reduces wobble during the retrieve. Adjustable handle shank (700 ; 800 size models only) Can be set at the short shank position for rapid retrieves, or at the long shank position for power and torque. A-rb™ bearings specially treated bearings are at least 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard stainless steel bearings. Palmable linecounter with maintenance port (TEK300LC, TEK500LC ; TEK600LC only). Comfortably rests between the thumb and forefinger when palming the reel, is accurate at depth and reads in feet. The reset button is strategically located for easy, one;handed resets yet prevents accidental resets. Inserting one;drop of lightweight oil into the sealed maintenance port keeps the linecounter performing in top condition. Super Stopper® with assist stopper. Reliable anti;reverse, with no backplay, even in cold or wet weather conditions. Under levelwind brace. Further enhances the strength of the frame, while preventing loops of line from tangling on the levelwind guide. Oversized cast control knob. Allows easy adjustment of freespool.

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